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e-AJ is a biannual journal in electronic form published by Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Terengganu. Therefore, submission of paper/manuscript to the e-AJ is based on e-poster Call for Papers announcement which posted in the official website and share to potential researchers/scholars via email. 

Call for Papers announcement released in January/February and July/August in every year. Submissions should adhere to our guidelines.

The paper/manuscript send to e-AJ will go through double blind review, and publication ethics and quality are maintained based on the research interest, theoretical/conceptual contributions from the research work, and technical aspects such as language and format.


Publication and Research Ethics


The paper/manuscript is original and genuinely research work of the author(s). It has not been published in any publication platforms including journal, website, conference proceeding and chapter-in-book.

Submission should be accompanied by Turnitin/Ouriginal report of less than 30 percent (%) similarity index/score, and should adhere to the manuscript format in author guidelines that can be found in our official website.

e-AJ affirms that ethical publication practices and maintaining journal reputation are critical to ensure the success of development knowledge. Therefore, only high-quality paper/manuscript will be considered and accepted for publication.

Every manuscript accepted will be considered and get final approval for publication by the editorial team.

Policy on generative AI and AI-assisted technologies utilisation in the manuscripts for e-AJ editorial process and publication

The implementation of this policy has been prompted by the increasing prevalence of generative AI (Artificial Intelligent) and AI-assisted technologies. Its objective is to offer enhanced transparency and assistance to writers, editors, and reviewers. Starting in 2024, e-AJ will actively monitor current developments in this field and make any adjustments or refinements to the policy.

e-AJ will only consider manuscripts that contain zero (or as minimum as possible – authors must provide justifications). Author(s) is/are required to submit an AI Detection Report together with the manuscript.

When using generative AI and AI-assisted technologies in writing, authors should only improve readability and language. AI can produce authoritative-sounding output that is wrong, partial, or biased, therefore authors should carefully review and revise the results. Generative AI and AI-assisted technologies should not be noted as authors or co-authors. e-AJ's AI policy for authors states that authors must do human activities (i.e., writing, drawing, etc in the manuscript entirely).

Follow the following steps to disclose generative AI and AI-assisted technology use in writing. The work will include a statement. Please note that author(s) are entirely responsible for his/her/their manuscript.

Disclosure guidelines

The core manuscript file must include a statement at the end of the paper before the References list disclosing the usage of generative AI and AI-assisted technologies. A new section called ‘Declaration of Generative AI and AI-assisted technologies in the writing process’ should contain the statement:

“This work was prepared using [Name Tool / Service] for [Reason]. This tool/service allowed the author(s) to examine and edit the content and accept full responsibility for the publication.”

Preparation and Submission of Manuscripts

Please follow the template for the paper/manuscript submission, and fill-up the author’s declaration and copyright forms which can be downloaded by the link below:

In addition to these documents, authors are required to attach the following reports:

  • Turnitin Full Report
  • AI Detection Full Report (starting January 2024)

Beginning January 2020, authors are required to use Malaysian Journal Management System (MyJMS) to submit their manuscripts for consideration and publication with e-AJ.

Once you sign in the MyJMS, you may:

  • Submit a new paper/manuscript
  • Track the current status of submitted paper/manuscript
  • Access paper/manuscript assigned to you as a reviewer and submit your paper/manuscript review report


English Language Editing

In the effort of achieving the international standard, and as part of fulfilling the journal indexing requirements, editorial team of e-AJ has decided to process and accept manuscript written in English only. This decision effective beginning mid-2020 onwards.

e-AJ stresses on the importance of linguistic accuracy of every manuscript published. Therefore, all authors are required to get their manuscripts edited by professional English Language editors AFTER their manuscripts have been identified suitable for publication by the Editor-in-Chief.

Author(s) are require to only use e-AJ English Proofreading Service and provide a proof in the form of a letter from our language editor to confirm that the manuscripts have been satisfactorily edited. Please submit the proof together with the manuscript. Editing costs will be borne by the author(s).

e-AJ English Proofreading Service, Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Terengganu:

Dr. Nurul Ajleaa Abdul Rahman,
Madam Emma Marini Abd Rahim,
Mr. Hanith Iskandar,

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